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Get ready for global sailing and selling your products at Vintahan Port!

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About Us

Vintahan is from the word Vinta, which is a colorful sailboat native to Mindanao.

The Sulu merchants were believed to have used these boats in the past to trade, and to search for their promised land. A group of five modern day Mindanaoans with the mission to provide a superior e-commerce platform where sellers can market their products & services online, and for the buyers to have a safe,user-friendly, virtual shopping haven, got inspired by these sailboat’s history, thus Vintahan was born.

With the vinta’s smooth and steady sailing characteristic, and the ability to ride the fast winds, Vintahan aims to give you the best shopping experience, business opportunities and more in this fast paced world. Welcome to Vintahan, and rediscover a great shopping tradition with us!

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Vintahan Overview

Product Selling (Brand New or Pre-loved Items)

Advertise your business, website and products

Get your products featured on our Store Page

Using deals, discounts or coupons for the best of your store

Affordable Monthly Subscription for your online store

We promote all your products for free on our Store Page

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